HOMAGE: a tribute to our queer musical heroes

Sydney queer musicians Brett Every and Maeve Marsden of Lady Sings it Better join forces to unite local musical talent in a celebration of their GLBTQ musical heroes.

These young artists play tribute to famous GLBTQ musicians, past and present, with a night of creative covers, amusing anecdotes and, most importantly, incredible talent.

Audiences have packed out The Supper Club, Camelot Lounge, The Fuse Box and The Sidetrack, staying late into the night, singing along to reinvented hits by Melissa Etheridge, George Michael, Pink, Antony & the Johnsons, The Indigo Girls, the Village People, the Gossip, Tegan and Sara, Ricky Martin, Dusty Springfield, Savage Garden, Ani DiFranco and many more. Check HOMAGE out on youtube.

HOMAGE brings us together to record our history, celebrate our heroes, laugh and cry at the songs which are etched into the queer memory bank.

Why we play HOMAGE to our queer musical heroes, on Cabaret Confessional
, 5/1/2012
A tribute to gay icons, Star Online, 29/07/2011
HOMAGE to Homo Heroes, Star Online, 15/2/2011

Artists featured at HOMAGE include:

  • Brett Every
  • Maeve Marsden
  • Girl Most Likely
  • Maxine Kauter Band
  • Genevieve Chadwick
  • Jeremy Brennan
  • Tom Sharah
  • Pilot Darcy
  • Hayley Thorncraft
  • ali hughes & leonie cohen
  • Zoe Vaughan
  • Lauren LaRouge
  • Joanna Leigh
  • Lady Sings it Better

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Maeve Marsden nominated for an Honour Award

We’re ridiculously stoked that Maeve has been nominated for an Honour Award in the Arts & Entertainment category, alongside DJ Dan Murphy, John Frost and Women Say Something. The Honour Awards acknowledge outstanding service to or achievement within NSW’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) community, providing NSW’s LGBTI community with an opportunity to recognise and celebrate excellence and achievement within our community as well as the difference that particular individuals and organisations make in our lives.

Ok, I’m going to write in the first person now or this will get silly…

As a member of said community (aka a BigLez™), my inclusion in an event which focuses in on what makes us unique and worthy of honour is humbling and incredibly flattering. To be honest, at first I felt a bit uncomfortable, as I still consider myself an ‘emerging’ artist (a title I’ll probably have to ditch after Lady Sings it Better’s fifth birthday party next month). But, scanning the list of nominees, I was delighted to see that I wasn’t the only emerging talent included. Without fanfare, the Honour Awards recognise lifetimes of achievement alongside those of us at the start of our careers, or mid-career. They support potential alongside success, which unfortunately rarely happens in these kind of events. So, instead of awkwardly mumbling something about how my nomination could be called an ‘encouragement award’, I am going to proudly flounce my way to The Ivy on September 17 to celebrate with the other nominees (and you if you book a ticket). I doubt I’ll win in such illustrious company, but it really is an Honour to be nominated.

The Honour Awards fundraise for ACON and Aurora, two outstanding LGBTQI charities, so please consider coming along to the ceremony. Book tickets here.Jane Marsden Honour Award

As an aside, my Aunt, Jane Marsden,was the first woman to win an Honour Award, in 2007. Here she is looking dashing with former ACON President Adrian Lovney and Tanya Plibersek:


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