so long ali, break all the legs in nyc!

we’ve had the good fortune to work with ali & the thieves this year, collaborating on the production of their fab fundraiser at the basement on may 31 this year.

it’s been an honour and a learning experience to be invited into somebody else’s creative process; a chance to consider our own practice and model for business, and an opportunity to be inspired by the amazing skill of ali hughes and her cohort.

which brings me to my point…

ali & the thieves are off to nyc! to the new york international fringe festival, no less! we’re really excited for them, excited they’ll be launching their gorgeous work, Leonard Cohen Koans, onto an international stage, and eagerly anticipating hearing their tales and learning from them when they return to our shores.

but before they can return, they must go…and we wish them all the safe travels and merriment in the world. if you’re reading and know someone in new york, send them links to the facebook event or just get them to book tix online. if you’re in new york, you must see this show!

cabaret singing musical storytelling love,
maeve and phoebe x


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