A Whole New Year (don’t you dare close your eyes)

It is here. 2012. Apparently, it’s going to mark the end of the world, but here at blackcat, we think it’s just the beginning… (we suggest this cheesy music to see you through the rest of this blog)

Before the year is out, we hope to cross off a whole heap of bucket list items, and we’re also expecting the unexpected. If 2011 was anything to go by we can expect fucktons of hard work, more fun that we’d hoped for, less money than we need, more amazing collaborations than we could dream of and a whole lot of unexpected generousity. Bring it on! (continue the blog’s musical soundtrack here)

Before our big ticket items, blackcat lounge and an Edinburgh Fringe tour get going, our little acts have a few more surprises up their sleeves.

Lady Sings it Better have been booked for Marrickville Council’s Australia Day (*cough* Invasion Day) celebrations in Enmore Park. Lady will also play the Seymour Centre forecourt soon after. Then we’ve got SEVEN SHOWS scheduled for blackcat lounge, so book your tickets now. Seven shows: no excuses.

Beauty and the Bastard at Peats Ridge FestivalBeauty and the Bastard are getting bigger and better and ever more ridiculous, recently headlining (well…sort of) Peats Ridge Festival, blogging their way to the Adelaide Fringe Festival on Cabaret Confessional, hitting Jurassic Lounge soon and filling youtube with their toons. You can also catch one half of the duo, Maxine, at our sponsor bar, Green Room Lounge on Jan 5!

Maxine and James aren’t the only ones confessing cabaret-styles; this awesome site is also featuring blackcat lounge articles, interviews and other tidbits over the following months, so check it out: www.cabaretconfessional.com

ali hughes is off to NYC (again), where they love her, but she’ll be back in time for The Festival of the Voice at The Rocks with Leonie Cohen on Jan 26, a new blackcat lounge show and then hopefully another international tour!

And that’s just January and February! After that it’s all go go go (much like this) as we prepare to take Edinburgh Fringe by storm!

If all goes well, hopefully  next year we’ll be writing a blog like this to celebrate finally reaching achieving our Biggest Life Goal, appearing in Good Weekend’s The Two of Us successfully producing fabulous indie cabaret on an international stage!

Hold on tight, kids, it’s gonna be a big’un!

xxx Maeve and Phoebe (and the blackcat family)

p.s. If you haven’t hit ‘join’ on the blackcat lounge facebook event, you really should. We’re gonna give away free tickets. Or you know, sex, if we get desperate for sales.
Not really.
Unrelated but very entertaining.

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