Exciting addition to HOMAGE line up!

HOMAGE is all about covering famous GLBTQ musicians, but on March 10 we’re lucky enough to have two women who’ve been performing in women’s and queer bands since some of our regular performers were still in school!

Sally Gibson and Mystery Carnage have performed together over a number of years, in 90s Adelaide women’s bands, Thin Ice and Sticky Beat, and in the contemporary choir, Before You Were Blonde, led by singer/songwriter Andrea Rieniets.

Mystery was also in Sydney band, Stray Dags, a feminist post-punk group who performed recently at a sell out gig at the Red Rattler.

This performance brings Mystery and Sally together again on stage for the first time in ten years. They’re performing as the Rolling Crones.

Sally and Mystery haven’t yet confirmed whether they’ll be covering other awesome GLBTQI bands, or their own, but we’re sure it’ll be a wonderful set either way.

Don’t miss out on this chance to hear a little queer history!

Book now for HOMAGE.


One thought on “Exciting addition to HOMAGE line up!

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