Give me head, baby. Give me head just like you did last night.

Last year, 55 people united for a common cause. They had a beautiful dream: to raise $1000 in order to select a song for Lady Sings it Better to sing at our upcoming blackcat lounge gig (a perk we offered on our indiegogo fundraising for Edinburgh Fringe).

Such power they wielded, such a beautiful opportunity to contribute to the artistic integrity of our little cabaret, to choose a song that spread a message of hope, of peace, of love; in this moment, all 55 of them were inextricably linked to our creative process, our identity as performers, the very core of our collective artistry.

They chose this:

To see Lady Sings it Better perform this song, live and fabulous, book now for Lady at the blackcat lounge.

blackcat lounge tickets from

All Gimme Head Collective donators can book concession price:

Finlay, Geri, Nic, Amy, Peta, Kathy, Beck, Tanya, Teresa, Sadhana & Seema, Fiona, Siobhan, Alex, Cameron, Kylie, Lisa, Kate, Jen, Val, Megan, Natalie, Amanda, Ant, Brett, Shelley, Tish & Jo, Tania & Jai, Ingrid, Jess, Nat, Annette, Simone, Rae, Sarah, Anna, Ange, Kylie, Vanessa, Ciara, Nicky, Gboy, Koen, Molly & Penny, Haydn, Felicity & Joe, Emily, Maya and Suzy!


One thought on “Give me head, baby. Give me head just like you did last night.

  1. I love the song you, people, have chosen! It is bright and very inspiring, the exact kind of song for such event. Besides, I like that this song served the purpose of uniting people, it is great to feel yourself a part of a whole.

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