blackcat lounge: be there or miss the fuck out

So, this little cabaret season we’ve produced is pretty fucking enormous. We’re excited, and you should be too. We love an advanced booking, so make a bunch of queer cabaret singers happy and head straight (gaily forward) to the Sidetrack website to BOOK YOUR TICKETS.

If you need extra convincing, I’ve compiled this handy list of 10 Top Reasons to Book Tickets to the blackcat lounge:

  1. The acts performing are fucking hot, varied, talented, hilarious, surprising and fabulous.
  2. We’re fundraising to take a bunch of them to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, so you’ll be part of getting a fierce, Australian homo contingent to represent at the world’s largest fringe arts festival.
  3. Every time someone says ‘nah, I’d rather stay home and watch Masterchef’, an independent producer dies. Everytime someone books a ticket it’s like clapping for Tinkerbell. Book tickets. You’re saving lives.
  4. This, this, this, this, this, this, this and this.
  5. We’re here, we’re queer and we won’t be taking the homo out of the title.
  6. There will be pastizzi. There will be beer.
  7. After the show, you get Happy Hour prices ALL NIGHT LONG at our sponsor bar, The Green Room Lounge, so you’ll make back your ticket investment in alcohol discounts. EVERYBODY WINS.
  8. Going to blackcat lounge is, like, totes, indie and alternative and like, supporting the underdog, which is like, totes better. 
  9. We love burlesque and drag. We really do. But there sure is a lot of it. How about some nice live music in a tutu for a change? (If you DO love burlesque and can’t cope without a sequin or twenty, we give you ukelele princess, Lauren LaRouge)
  10. Like contraception, it is always best to plan ahead. Pack your condoms, book your tickets, stay safe and happy this Mardi Gras.

Anyone else got any top ten reasons…?


we want to know your thoughts. leave a reply.

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