Lady Sings it Better: An Acrostic Poem. Seriously.

L is for Lady, that’s obvious, right?
A is for Anxious: how we’ll feel on opening night
Did we tell you we’re playing, not one, but seven times?
You probably knew that; we just said it cos it rhymes

S is for The Sidetrack, our venue of choice
In case you don’t know us, we sing songs by boys!
N is for No, we don’t do it in drag
G is for Go book your tickets, ya slag!
S is for seven, YES seven shows, SEVEN!

I‘m 99% sure booking gets you into heaven
Today is a good time to CLICK RIGHT HERE

Because then you can join us for cabaret and beer (after the show at our sponsor bar)
E is for Excited, Ecstatic, Exultant
T is for, oh shit, who the fuck can find a rhyme for exultant…
T is really for ‘Triumphantly happy’ (what Exultant means according to google)
E is for Egads, I’ve done it again… SNOOGLE!
R is for no, Really, we hope that you’ll come and see us at the blackcat lounge cos it’s gonna be awesome and we promise there will be no acrostic poetry, bad rhyming or use of the word snoogle, just 5 awesome ladies singing fabulous tunes, accompanied by super hot band.


2 thoughts on “Lady Sings it Better: An Acrostic Poem. Seriously.

  1. lemons are tart, and so
    are you
    don’t deny it
    you know it’s true

    i wonder if
    naughty and nice or
    good and bad can really

    is it better to please or
    to titillate?

    both bad and good can
    enervate. a
    true lady doesn’t reveal her
    trysts, merely bats an
    eyelid to assure they exist.

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