Oh what a night!

One down, nineteen to go! The blackcat team had a blast last night, playing a jampacked 65 minute cabaret showcase to a packed Sidetrack Theatre. Also eating bucketloads of pastizzi, cookies, sushi and fruit and throwing back a whole lotta Barefoot Wine! (Thanks Adrienne!)

Check out the pics of the night in Star Observer and SX Mag.

It doesn’t end here though. We want a full house like that every night. This week, tickets are just $20 for Lady Sings it Better (tonight!), ~ down in the deep ~, the blackcat boys: Brendan Maclean, Tom Sharah, Brett Every and Martyn Badoui, HOMAGE: a queer cabaret tribute and Beauty and the Bastard: A Spoonful of Disney.

Book NOW at sidetrack.com.au, tweet @lady_sings_it and #blackcat, find us on facebook and please, spread the word!

What a Lady, what a night…

xxx Maeve and Phoebe


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