Where are ya, homos?

Tonight I had the immense pleasure of sitting in the audience for the premiere of ~down in the deep~ ali hughes’ offering for blackcat lounge. Now I know it’s a busy season, but we should have had more people in the house for the beautiful show. It was an honour to have been part of bringing this wonderful show to the stage, even in a non-creative producery way.

We’ll circulate some clips later in the week, but just take my word for it, she’s fucking talented and the show is warm, open, musically diverse, moving, gentle, brave and hugely generous of spirit. Book here for its second outing on March 6: sidetrack.com.au

If boys and Friday nights are more your style, come on down tomorrow night for the blackcat boys. For just twenty bucks you get Brendan Maclean, Brett Every, Tom Sharah and Martyn Badoui. All gorgeous, all talented, all performing snippets of their solo shows for one bumper night of musical goodness.

The $20 fun doesn’t end. You can get Maxine Kauter Band, Brett Every, Lauren LaRouge, Ali Hughes and Tom Sharah on Saturday night for HOMAGE, singing covers of famous GLBTQI musicians.Check out previous homage love:

Then on Sunday, catch the awesome Beauty and the Bastard: A Spoonful of Disney for their one Sydney show before they head off the Adelaide Fringe Festival next week. Adelaide have already pre-booked over 100 tickets. Don’t embarrass yourselves Sydney. Get down to the Sidetrack and give ’em a good send off.

Book ahead or just rock up to 142 Addison Rd Marrickville at 7.30pm!


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