One of the joys of growing up is being able to do whatever you want. Ice cream for dinner, sleep whenever you want, sex: all perks of adulthood.

One of the joys of being an independent producer is being able to invent arbitrary perks to encourage people to book tickets to shows.

So! We have a whole lot of pastizzi from The Pastizzi Cafe in the freezer. If you were at our opening night party (or if you have tastebuds) you know how good these are. So, the new rule goes like this:

  1. When a blackcat lounge show gets more than 50 pre-bookings, we will put out hot piping pastizzi for the audience
  2. When it sells out on pre-bookings, we’ll do a bit o’ free booze too.

Sound good? We think so.This weekend’s HOMAGE is on its way, as is Beauty and the Bastard: A Spoonful of Disney on Sunday night.

Get to it: book now at

Fun fact for the day: At the time of writing, Lady Sings it Better and the Pastizzi Cafe have the same number of facebook fans. Coincidence? WE THINK NOT.


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