blackcat lounge week 1…

Where to begin? After our massive opening night party, the crowds got sadly smaller but the shows got better and better.

Wednesday’s Lady Sings it Better opening night was a hit, receiving Lady Sings it Better at the blackcat loungenot one, but two wonderful reviews, from Star Observer and Time Out. They said “it’s thrilling to see a bunch of strong, talented ladies on stage turning the magnifying glass back on the male performers who hold so much of the power in the music industry.” and “The strength of the show lies in the diverse range of voices… each of the five women has her own unique charm which is balanced with the others.

ali hughesThen came  Thursday and the debut of ali hughes’ beautiful new show, ~ down in the deep ~ The audience sat enthralled through a mix of hughes’ originals and spectacular covers of Nick Cave, Jane Siberry and Jacques Brel. When a member of the crowd called for an encore, ali rose to the occasion with her rousing jazz version of the Sesame Street theme tune! ali and the band will be doing it all again on March 6, so don’t miss out.

Brett Every

Friday brought out the boys to see Tom Sharah, Brett Every, Martyn Madoui and Brendan Maclean. Brett surprised us all by performing his entire set in full doctors’ scrubs (it’s a long story) leading this producer to cackle with glee through much of the set.

Lauren LaRougeOn Saturday at HOMAGE, Lauren LaRouge claimed to be the least talented performer in the room, but she decided it was ok, cos she had the most feathers. Wearing decidedly more demure ensembles, Tom (and his mega cute brother Oscar) Sharah, ali hughes and Brett Every all sang gorgeous covers of famous GLBTQI artists. Maxine Kauter Band closed the night, and her solo rendition of iOTA’s Come back to me brought on the tears which had been brewing since Phoebs and I took to the stage for our opening night speech on Tuesday.

Sunday’s Spoonful of Disney gave us the smart-mouthed bastard James Edgar Francis trying to convince us that gays should be campaigning not for marriage, but for the right to be multi-national mining companies…all while singing haunting Disney covers with our poster girl, Maxine (though to call them covers does a disservice to the beautiful hour of music the two have created with their band).

Which brings us to now!

We’re looking forward to an exciting week ahead with Tom Sharah on Wednesday, Lady Sings it Better Thursday and Friday (we’ve cancelled HOMAGE Feb 25). We’re having a blast down at the blackcat lounge….the only thing missing is you!

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