So what are all these guest performers about?

Audience members at Lady Sings it Better last night were treated to a surprise guest performance from the delightful Katie Bell!

After she snuck up onto the stage for a fabulous rendition of ‘Baby, did a bad, bad thing’ we explained that she was one of our Ladies in Waiting, contributors to the indiegogo crowdfunding campaign we help last year.

Katie won the right to perform at a Lady gig and she’ll be doing so again next Friday 2 March! We also have Laura Sturrock, an amazingly talented young women who is still in high school, performing tonight at LSiB. Siobhan Towner (a former Lady) will be joining us on March 8, and Mystery Carnage is performing (with Sally Gibson) at HOMAGE March 10.

We’re so thrilled to have these talented women joining us at the blackcat lounge.

Check them out… book now at


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