This week at the blackcat lounge!

We’ve got surprise (or not so surprise) guests, cute boys, sassy ladies, and tickets flying out the door!

This week kicks off tomorrow night, Wednesday 29th, for Brett Every‘s Leap Night. Brett surprised a highly amused blackcat boys audience by performing his entire set in full medical scrubs. So we don’t really know what to expect! Except that Brett has told us we’ll get 10 men in an hour! And he’s bringing a hoarde of talented musicians along with him including Lauren Allison, ali hughes, Virgina Re and Jersey Boys’ Jeremy Brennan! BOOK HERE.

Thursday night will be star-studded, for Brendan Maclean‘s solo outing. Foolish Brendan made the mistake of thinking I could keep a secret when he told me his pal (yeah that one he performed with at the opera house) might join him on stage for a song or two. Brendan’s star is on the rise, and so it’s no surprise tickets are fast selling for this all ages show. BOOK HERE.

Friday and Sunday are Lady madness. Lady Sings it Better sold the first full house of the season, playing to roaring crowds last Friday night. Reviews have sung our praises, audience members have come back twice and we’ve sold a bunch of Lady t-shirts after the show…all par for the course in our quest for world-domination! BOOK HERE.

blackcat lounge is nearly over… if you haven’t come along to a show yet, you’re missing out!

Next week… ali hughes & leonie cohen, Lady Sings it Better, Lauren LaRouge and HOMAGE


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