What’s next? On the road to Edinburgh #1

President Bartlet

In the West Wing, arguably the Best TV Show Ever Created, the phrase ‘What’s next?’ is used as a recurring line for President Bartlet, demonstrating to ongoing nature of their work, the constant demands, the ever-growing task list.

This phrase sprung to mind pretty soon after curtains went down on the blackcat lounge, as we quickly realised just how much we had to get done in the coming months!

Yes. I am comparing us to a fictional President. Yes. Producing a cabaret is just like running a country.

So, I hear you ask, ‘what IS next?’

Well, since last we met over tequila shots at The Green Room Lounge, we have:

  • submitted our Edinburgh Festival Fringe registration
  • booked a sweet 5 bedroom apartment 10 mins from Gilded Balloon for the month
  • bought thousands of dollars worth of flights (anyone know Korean Air’s safety record…?)
  • spent 8 hours wrangling hair, make-up and each others’ breasts to create fabulous new promo shots
  • visited our accountant for a glorious update on how much money we don’t have
  • submitted an application to the ABAF Australian Cultural Fund (stay tuned!)
  • re-arranged two of our solo songs for the whole group
  • booked a gig at the fabulous Slide Lounge for May 17 (tickets on sale soon!)
  • booked Lady for a conference in Mittagong (road trip!)
  • caught up on all the work at our full time jobs which fell by the wayside during Mardi Gras

NOW tell me we aren’t as busy as the leader of the free world.

We fly out 7.55am on July 26 and we are ridiculously excited. But I think I might have to sleep at the airport the night before if I have a hope of hell of getting up in time!

Hope everyone is happy and healthy and recovered from Mardi Gras madness.

x Maeve


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