blackcat lounge season highlights

Before time rushes away from me and our little cabaret season is but a distant memory, I thought I’d youtube-spam you with some of my favourite blackcat lounge moments.

The season had highs and lows, torrential rain and sunshine, tiny paper boats and pink balloons, big crowds and small. But one consistent wonder was the talent of the artists we assembled at The Sidetrack. I was thrilled to watch wonderful performance after wonderful performance.

Here are a few of my faves:

iOTA takes to the stage to sing unplugged with Brendan Maclean (read a wonderful review of the show by our photographer, Viv McGregor, here)

Maxine Kauter singing iOTA’s ‘Come back for me’ at HOMAGE:

Brett Every and Jeremy Brennan perform ‘The Night is Not Long Enough’:

Tom Sharah and his brother give Adele a run for her money:

Ali Hughes and Virginia Re sing ‘Northern Lights’ at Brett Every’s Leap Night:


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