Lady Sings it Better now eligible for tax deductible donations

We’re thrilled to announce that Lady Sings it Better (our feisty, playful, feminist cabaret) is now an Artist Project for the Australian Cultural Fund, of the Australian Business Arts Foundation. And we couldn’t have done it without you! To be eligible, you need to have raised 50% of project funds and it’s thanks to your indiegogo donations, raffle tickets buys and show ticket sales that we were able to apply.

What this means is that you (or any rich, philanthropic sorts you might know) can donate to ABaF, preferencing Lady Sings it Better, and your donation is tax deductible!

What are we fundraising for?
In case you missed the 5,732 memos, Lady Sings it Better are Edinburgh Fringe bound!  We will perform a 4 week season at Gilded Balloon, no doubt a career changing experience for us all. We are beyond excited about this opportunity, as we’ve been working towards this moment for the last three years!

Our tour’s budget is $50,000 and we have already raised 50% of funds through performances, crowdfunding, sponsorship, a Sydney Gay Lesbian Business Association grant and our own personal savings. We have fundraised enough to cover flights and accommodation for our 6 singers, 3 piece band, sound operator and commander in chief, Ms Phoebe Meredith.

But we still have another $25K to raise, for venue costs, Edinburgh Fringe registration, instrument and technical hires and, marketing expenses.

Lady Sings it Better intend to use the tour to establish important connections with UK and other international cabaret presenters, promoters and programmers. This networking is essential in developing the company into a resource for local women and queer cabaret artists and crew.

So what is the Australian Cultural Fund?
The fund was established to encourage people to donate to the arts and enable performers like us to benefit from this generosity. All donations are made to the Australia Business Arts Foundation (AbaF) which considers donor preferences when allocating grants.  In the past eight years more than $9 million has been donated to AbaF and granted in full to more than 705 artists and cultural organisations – it is a great program for groups like ours.

How to donate
Check out our profile on the ABaF site:

All donations will make a difference, no matter how big or small. We have provided some examples of how your support can assist:

  • $10 or $20 helps pay for our online advertising!
  • $50 pays for one month of facebook advertising – ensuring the UK audience hear about our shows!
  • $200 pays for a banner ad on the Edinburgh Fringe site, encouraging ticket sales
  • $500 pays our Fringe registration fee
  • $1,000 helps to pay for instrument hire, so that our talented band can show off their skills on the best equipment
  • $2,500 pays for a week of venue hire
  • $5,000 pays for all our printed marketing materials – flyers, posters and distribution
  • $10,000 pays our venue costs for the month!

You can donate:

You can contact the Australian Business Arts Foundation for more information or to send in your form:
Manager NSW: John Godfrey | Coordinator NSW: Melinda Holcombe
A: Level 1, 372 Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010
T: 02 9215 9313
F: 02 9215 9075

Thank you for considering supporting Lady Sings it Better, blackcat productions and Australian queer and women’s cabaret. If a financial contribution is not possible for you, you can still help by passing on this information to others, coming along to a gig, or following us at or


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