So busy we forgot to blog… On the road to Edinburgh #2

Wow, what a big 6 weeks we have ahead of us! Not long now before we set off. The Ladies behind the scenes (Phoebe and our amazing production assistants, Karly and Erin) have been busy booking accommodation, paying all our bills, booking epic bus trips (trains are for schmucks! schmucks who can afford them…), hiring microphones, weighing boxes of CDs to work out excess baggage, purchasing a drum kit (hoping we can sell it afterwards!), and debating the merits of various badge sizes so the Edinburgh streets can be filled with people proudly sporting Lady Sings it Better badges on their happy little chests! It’s a glamourous life we lead…

We’ve got some really exciting gigs coming up. First up, we can’t wait to sing with the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Choir on June 30 at their SGLC Pops Out! concert. Apart from the obvious draw card, namely Sydney’s 21 yr old stalwart of the GLBTQI community, the choir itself, here are a few more reasons to come:

  • Maeve’s mum, Louise, is in the choir. Two Marsdens: one stage. Bring it!
  • For those of you who have been listening to our rendition of You Shook Me All Night Long for the past 3 years, you must come see our seriously pimped version, completely with choral chorus amazingness.
  • We get to sing a song by a woman! It’s a song from the choir’s repertoire and, let’s just say, it’s fabulous *cough* Whitney *cough cough*
  • It’s Jenni and Monique’s Lady debut! Fabulous!

Book tickets to SGLC Pops Out! here.

In mid-July, we’re road trippin’ to Mittagong to sing at a conference. You can’t come as it’s a private party, but we just love that we’re considered appropriate for government conferences. The public sector is all grown up and sexy now!

Finally, if you’ve even glanced at our facebook page in recent weeks, you know our exciting farewell gig sold out its Friday 20th July show in a mere 5 days. We were so excited we scheduled a Thursday gig as well; it’s about 40% sold, but you can still book tickets here, on the Factory website.

Last but not least, we ain’t to proud to beg! We could really do with a little cash injection as the end of financial year approaches… As we’ve mentioned before we are currently eligible for TAX DEDUCTIBLE donations. A small (or not-so-small) donation via ABaF’s Australian Cultural Fund will make a huge difference to our fundraising and help send us on our way. You can read more about the process here, or simply head to our ABaF profile and donate!

Thank you SO MUCH to those who have donated so far. We can’t tell you how much we appreciate the support we get from our friends and fans.

So that’s the latest from blackcat HQ… What’s been happening with you?



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