The countdown is on! Two weeks til take off…

This time two weeks from now, we’ll all be sleeping like babies, bags packed and ready to get to the airport at 5.30am for our flight to the UK. Right…? Let’s hope so.

We shouldn’t need to have last minute panics. We’ve paid our bills, we sent out the production schedule to the Lady team today, collateral printing will be ordered tomorrow and our farewell gigs are already sold out! But, anything is possible when you consider that both Phoebe and I have been kept up at night worrying about Really Important Things like what shoes to take, whether or not we need to purchase a first aid kit (Phoebe insists we do), pros/cons of purchasing toiletries at home or on arrival and whether or not bribing potential audience in box office queues with cupcakes will seem charming or desperate.

Plus, I decided that two weeks out was a good time to change the script and add in a new song. We work well under pressure, ok? And once you hear Jenni and Libby make sweet musical love to Otis Redding’s Try a Little Tenderness, you’ll know it was worth it. As an aside, Try a Little Tenderness was the closing song in the first show Phoebe and I ever worked on together, a production of Jim Cartwright’s Road at The Ponton Theatre in Bathurst in 2003! A little blackcat history for ya.

That’s it for tonight. I won’t regale you with the joys of scheduling, the fine art of writing pack lists during work meetings or the recipes I am compiling in my head for ‘healthy, wholesome food one can eat on the go’. We’ll save that for the next blog…

xxx Maeve and the blackcat team


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