Belinda Crawford’s Edinburgh Fringe Bucket List

Soprano extraordinaire, Belinda, shares her Edinburgh Fringe bucket list:

  1. To meet a Scottish person with an accent so thick I can’t understand them (I’m told I might have to go to Glasgow)
  2. To see a show that I will rave about for ages
  3. To convince a Scottish man (or woman) to show me what’s under their kilt
  4. To sell out (at least 1 show, preferably 20) and get us invited to the New York fringe, all expenses paid!
  5. To go to bed AFTER the sun sets
  6. To spank someone in Edinburgh (you might not want to put that in the blog…)
  7. To see Lauren in full cow paraphernalia
  8. To go to a castle and a ghost tour. Why don’t they have a ghost tour in the castle????
  9. To have my bag weigh less by the time I have to carry it back down the stairs!
  10. Taste haggis (and quite a bit of whiskey)

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