Hannah James’ Edinburgh Fringe Bucket List

  1. Get up at the Jazz Club Jam and not make a dick of myself
  2. Get to the coastline and eat oysters with champagne
  3. See Ari Hoenig drummer extraordinaire
  4. SHannah James on the Royal Mileleep past 6am
  5. Have at least one person come to the show after being wowed by my astounding Royal Mile show pitch
  6. Get into the secret garden (see Lauren’s bucket list for explanation)
  7. Get through the million kilos of fancy cheese we bought
  8. Drink authentic scotch in Scotland with Scotsmen
  9. Find the Johnny Depp lookalike and get married and also get to keep my lovely awesome boyfriend…
  10. Not lose any more essential travel documents…
  11. Avoid the olympics completely.
  12. Learn to be as awesome, productive and successful as the amazing MAEVE AND PHOEBE DYNAMIC DUO OF THE WORLD.

NB: Maeve and Phoebe did not pay Hannah to say they. How could they? They don’t have any money left.


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