Maeve Marsden’s Edinburgh Fringe Bucket List

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be publishing bucket lists by members of the Lady team. If, like Linda, you don’t know what a bucket list is Here is mine:

  1. Kiss a girl with a Scottish accent. Or a boy. It is amazing the effect cute accents have on my normal sexuality.
  2. Get one (or more) 5 star reviews. Our first reviewer is in the house on Saturday, so fingers crossed!
  3. Be able to scale the flights of stairs to our apartment without having a heart attack. Also, climb Arthur’s Seat. Might have to conquer the staircase first…
  4. See Hannah Gadsby’s show, Hannah Wants a Wife. Become said wife. We had a beautiful, intimate moment at the Adelaide Fringe in 2011 when she spotted me in the crowd, invited me onto the stage and improvised a hilarious schtick about how ugly and terrifying my concentrating face is. I think our romance is off to an excellent start. On a similar theme, I’d like a private serenade of DeAnne Smith’s Nerdy Love Song. Wearing no pants…
  5. Make the most of the Fringe Central producing and touring events. Introduce Phoebe to as many people as possible as my BusinessWife while maintaining a straight face. Get another Lady to take sneaky photos of their reactions.
  6. Take Dr Joe to Confessions of a Grindr Addict and take bets on how many audience members will be on Grindr during the show.
  7. Eat vegetarian haggis. I also intend to eat a veritable ton of Indian food. Mmm Indian food in the UK is the best. Well, I imagine Indian food in India is better, but beggars can’t be choosers. Finally, I hope to sample all of the toppings available at the vegetarian eatery, The Baked Potato Shop on Cockburn Street. Hehe…Cockburn…
  8. Challenge Kiera Daley of LadyNerd to a tetris-off. I am a tetris machine. I spent at least 3 hours of our flight smashing tetris records. Korean Airlines seat 47G didn’t know what hit it, for realz.
  9. Perform on the Spiegeltent stage…tick! Lady Sings it Better performing at the Edinburgh Festivals Magazine launch 15 minutes after our opening night. We will be walking off the stage and then setting off at a trot for the Assembly Gardens to perform. Eep!
  10. Buy a kilt so I fit in with the locals…and half the Lady Sings it Better team.Lady Sings it Better in kilts

3 thoughts on “Maeve Marsden’s Edinburgh Fringe Bucket List

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