Phoebe Meredith’s Edinburgh Fringe Bucket List

In honour of The Scotsman publishing Maeve’s Bucket List today, we are posting Phoebe’s!

  1. To have a successful run while at the Fringe. Some days “success” is selling out; others it’s just putting on a damn good show that I am proud of. Oh wait… I’m already pretty proud of the fact that WE MADE it here to start with!
  2. Meet lots of other producers and performers and make the most of the free workshops run at Fringe Central. Next up: world tour! Right?!
  3. Have a ball at every show, like I’m up there on stage. And smash that changer over in 8 minutes. If my years at Rock Eisteddfod taught me anything it’s that a lot can be done in 8 minutes.
  4. Climb Arthur’s Seat and remember to take the first aid kit with me (in case Maeve falls over and can’t get up). We plan to do it at the end of the month though so we should be well conditioned after walking up three flights of stairs to our apartment everyday.
  5. Walk from our house to the venue (or anywhere really) without kicking the pavement while wearing my steel cap boots. I thought they were a good idea when I left Australia (safety first) but having kicked the pavement so hard that I was propelled forward to the point of almost falling over, I am thinking they might not have been. On the upside, people are really friendly in Edinburgh.
  6. Go to Edinburgh Castle and imagine that I am a princess who owns all the land. People will bow and it will be grand. Maybe I can wear a big dress or something. And a crown.
  7. Also to do the underground tour and pretend I’m some sort of wench.
  8. Eat Haggis. I don’t really want to because it sounds disgusting but I’m in Scotland and it seems like the right thing to do…
  9. Buy a kilt. Also because it seems to be the right thing to do (and half the company have them and I want to fit in)
  10. NOT get impaled by a spring from my mattress while sleeping. We blew up our fridge after 4 days and had to get a new one so I don’t feel like I can ask the landlord for a new mattress as well. Said fridge was delivered in the middle of the company getting ready for our second preview – tutus and make up and hairspray and vocal warm ups all over the place. I’m sure the lovely deliverymen thought we were quite insane. I did give them a flyer so I hope to see them at the show.
  11. Be maid of honour at Maeve’s wedding to Hannah Gadsby. I’d like to think that she doesn’t need me there – but it seems that without me it would be  chaos and something will be forgotten or lost.

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