Media Mayhem!

Phwoar. What a weekend for wonderful love from Edinburgh’s media. First we got this fabulous four star review in the Scotsman, complete with front cover photo action. Then Broadway Baby sang our praises to the tune of 5 stars this morning! Fest Mag got in on the action this evening with a fabulous 4 star review as well.

Lady Sings it Better in the ScotsmanLady Sings it Better in the Scotsman









All three say such lovely things about us. There have been mighty cheers, joyous readings (and re-readings) and the odd misty eye, I won’t lie to you.

What is particularly wonderful and heart-warming about these reviews is that they ‘get it’. Each one is on board with the feminist ethos of the show, but also the tongue-in-cheek vibe, the silliness, the characters and energy we are trying to convey. And they mention and love our excellent band who we really do adore.

This is how we feel about our reviews, our reviewers, the publications that published them and the people who read them and come to our show:

Reviewer kissesScotsman Lady Sings it Better review









xxx the blackcat team


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