Lady Sings it Better needs a new Musical Director

After taking Edinburgh Fringe by storm Lady Sings it Better bid sad farewell to our lovely musical director, Joe Twist (he’s bound for NYC to study a Masters in Composition). This means we need a new MD!

Lady Sings it Better have been performing in Sydney, Adelaide, and now Edinburgh since 2009. Regularly attracting 5 star reviews and sold out crowds, the act is a bawdy, playful celebration (and mockery) of pop culture. Casting a feminist eye on songs penned by men, Lady Sings it Better reinvent hits from the likes of AC/DC, Michael Jackson, Nine Inch Nails, Leonard Cohen, Queen, Tom Waits, Usher, Bon Jovi and more. We have 6 female singers and a three piece band (bassist, Hannah James and drummer, Lauren Allison).

We are planning a big year in 2013, so are looking for an MD keen to join the company for at least a year. As well as developing a lot of new material and seeking regular corporate and festival gigs, the (rough) touring plan goes:

We intend to return to Edinburgh Fringe and book a UK tour in 2014.

Experience required:

  • skilled pianist, ideally with both classical and jazz background
  • capable MD, able to lead but also work collaboratively with the group
  • experience arranging for vocal groups or choirs
  • performance experience with orchestra or band a plus

How we work:
Lady Sings it Better operates on a profit-share basis. Contractual details will be discussed at audition or can be explained over email.

Interested MDs can email with a CV.

We will email you sheet music for a couple of songs from our repertoire, before conducting auditions / interviews in mid-late October.

Please pass this information on to anyone you think might be interested.


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