oh hello there

We’re back! We’re all back (well, except Chandra who is roaming about Europe til January and still hasn’t sent us postcards). The hot pink has faded from our cheeks, our cobblestone injuries have healed, we’ve all stopped getting an eye twitch when we hear the word ‘flyer’ and none of us have worn a tutu in weeks!

So what’s up next for blackcat productions and Lady Sings it Better?

We’re jumping back in the cabaret saddle with a short set at Twenty10‘s thirtieth birthday shindig this Saturday night. Twenty10 is a wonderful organisation, supporting LGBTQI youth and their families and we’re thrilled to be involved. The Sydney Gay & Lesbian Choir will also be performing and we can’t wait to catch up with them. Speaking of which, here we are singing Whitney Houston with them (I know, I know, she isn’t a man, but we decided to branch out because this is one of the Best Songs Ever):

After Twenty10, Lady will be in rehearsal lock down to ensure we have a fabulous new show for you in time for Sydney Mardi Gras and Adelaide Fringe 2013! Stay tuned for dates and details… You’ll also meet our shiny new MD in the new year (if you are interested in auditioning to be Lady Sings it Better’s Musical Director, please get in touch).

blackcat are also looking to expand our portfolio of acts and events. We’ll be hunting young and emerging cabaret stars in Adelaide (hunting them in a nice way, not a stalky way; I save my stalking for large-bottomed lesbian comedians). We’re also planning a bunch of fabulousness for Sydney Fringe 2013 and we’re hoping to start a monthly cabaret night in the second half of the year.

So, not too much on… Ha.

What’ve you been up to?

x Maeve


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