Oh Captain! Our Captain!

It’s an unfortunate truth that the people behind-the scenes are just that – behind the scenes. This means that not everyone knows that Lady Sings it Better, and indeed all of blackcat’s pursuits, would not be possible without our amazing manager, Phoebe Meredith. Luckily, Phoebe got some rare and much deserved publicity this week, profiled in the bluntly titled ArtsHub article, Five arts graduates who have actually found jobs.

My favourite piece of advice Phoebe gives is this, offered to arts grads starting out, but applicable to anyone seeking employment (and hoping to keep it!):

“Always remember that you are replaceable. Work to be irreplaceable. There is always someone else who can do your job (and do it better probably), so being good at what you do and having an excellent attitude will make people want to work with you and keep employing you.”

Well, Phoebe is totally irreplaceable to us! Thanks, Lady.

In honour of Phoebe’s publicity success, please enjoy this series of bloopers from our professional bromance photoshoot a couple of years back. (photography by Viv McGregor).

IMG_1386 Phoebe Meredith and Maeve Marsden Phoebe Meredith and Maeve Marsden


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