Golly gee, do we love Adelaide

I love doing shows in Sydney. I always know that the friendly audience will be a mix of friends, other musicians we’ve worked with, fans found over the past four years, people who’ve seen us do a guest performance here or there, avid readers of street / community media, ex-girlfriends and my mums.

But there is a real thrill doing shows in other cities. I’m not even going to tell you how many ticketing reports I’ve downloaded for our upcoming Adelaide season. I love watching the numbers climb… Indeed I’ve been known to yell at the screen “WHO ARE YOU WONDERFUL PEOPLE?!”

Maybe famous people have managers who share statistics on what demographics their fans represent, or they just don’t care as the thousands pour into stadiums to watch them sing. But, I spend some time wondering who you are, you fabulous people who open your Fringe guide and think ‘oh! feminist cabaret! I’m going to book me some tickets to THAT!’

Anyway, a whole lot of wonderful South Australians have nearly booked out our opening night. For that, we thank you, marvelous strangers.

Spread the word about Lady Sings it Better in Adelaide.

This will be us, every night at the Artist Bar:


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