The week ahead!

Well, we kickedLady Sings it Better at Fair Day off the queer silly season yesterday with a fun set at Mardi Gras Fair Day. We sweated our little hearts out in the baking sun, then as the rain arrived, we trotted home for a rehearsal. Rock star life, kids. This is it.

This week is huge, huge, huge.

The blackcat endorsed programming starts on Tuesday night with The Aurora Group‘s Mardi Gras offering, Fat Tuesday. This charity event raises much needed funds for important LGBT organisations, such as Twenty10 and the Gay and Lesbian Counselling Service. Frisky and Mannish are headlining, the food and wine will be amazing and there may be a handful of tickets left. Details here.

Wednesday night, blackcat lounge opens with a bang. The amazing UK cabaret duo, Frisky and Mannish will blow the roof off The Factory. Tickets are limited so book them here!

Thursday night, Lady Sings it Better perform our first full show since we got back from Edinburgh, which means we’ll be eschewing all of our normal banter in order to praise ourselves for having been on an international tour. The show is sold out, but there will be a handful of standing room door tickets available, and there are still a few tickets up for grabs on Feb 23 and 24.

Friday night, Phoebe, Anna and Maeve are off to Women Say Something to be fangirls, supporting Maeve’s mum, Teresa (check out her website, 55Upitty, launching Feb 21 at The Red Rattler), as well as Stella Young, McKenzie Raymond, Claudia Karvan and a bunch of other babes.

Then Saturday, the ever cool, Maxine Kauter Band will take over the Factory Floor, playing new originals and covers of famous GLBT musicians, HOMAGE style. It’ll be hot. Come. Book.

Then on Sunday, we rest, because it is God’s day. Or, because we’ll be fucking exhausted.

Happy Mardi Gras!


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