A fabulous start to blackcat lounge

The first week of blackcat lounge was wonderful, so thanks to everyone who schlepped to the Factory to join us! We opened with w bang on Wednesday with the amazing Frisky and Mannish who got so excited to be in Sydney that they fell off the stage!

Thursday was packed out for Lady Sings it Better’s first full show since Edinburgh. The new material seemed to go down a treat and we can’t wait to do it all again this week. Note that, although Friday and Saturday are sold out, we are selling door tickets as there are always a few no shows. If you missed out, head to the Factory at 7.30pm.

On Saturday, Maxine Kauter Band delivered a killer set, supported by Cherry on Top. I hadn’t seen CoT before – what a voice! For me, Purple Rain was a highlight, when MK put down the guitar and the B rocked out.

Maxine Kauter Band

We’re at it again this week with Brendan Maclean’s almost-sold-out launch of his new single, Stupid (check out the awesome clip below) and two more Lady shows.

Happy Mardi Gras!

NB: Photography by Viv McGregor


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