Adelaide Updates with Anna!

It is a quiet morning at Lady HQ after a terrific, sold out Opening Night last night. Lady T-Shirts are drying in the (already 30 degree) morning sun. Bowties are strewn about the living room. The busy schedule for today is smiling smugly at us from its place on the fridge door. Caravan performances in Rundle Mall. Flyering duties. Two guest performances at variety showcases in the early evening. Oh and of course, our very own show.

Anna Martin gelatoThe Ladies are lapping up their sleep while they can.

Adelaide may have you think that she is a sleepy, pretty city of churches but when night falls during the Fringe Festival, she certainly shows her true colours. The fairy-lit garden at Gluttony was brimming with people last night and through chinks in the other tents we caught glimpses of contortionists, stand-ups and a tap-dancing Ray Charles impersonator. Our tutus, pelvic thrusts and maraca-shaking seem perfectly at home here and we had an absolute ball belting out our favourites (and creeping out a few unwitting audience members) in our jam-packed tent.

One fabulous night down, many a show to go! Adelaide, I think we are going to get along juuuuust fine.

Anyway, I better cut this short and make sure I can take advantage of the free mirror space while the rest of the house sleeps. These little cheeks aren’t going to rouge themselves.

In the meantime, if you or anyone you know is wandering the streets of Adelaide in the next two weeks, point them in our direction.

Ticket bookings here.



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