Changes afoot at Lady HQ

Friends, family and fans of Lady Sings it Better,

Over the years, you’ve seen a lot of changing faces on the Lady Sings it Better stage. This time, we’re writing to let you know that, for a combination of personal and business reasons, Monique Potter, Jenni Little and Belinda Crawford are the latest Ladies to move on. These three wonderful singers and downright fabulous people contributed so much to our group and they are so talented that we are sure they will achieve great things in whatever they do next!

We have made the decision not to audition replacements, but rather to continue with four singers – Anna Martin, Chandra Franken, Libby Wood and me, Maeve Marsden. We are sure we can still deliver a killer show. And now we will fit on smaller stages!

We hope to see you all at our Sydney Comedy Festival shows on April 26 and 27. The team at SCF decided we were funny enough for the line up – who knew?! Book tickets here.

xxx Maeve and Phoebe


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