Melbourne Food, Bar and Fringe Recommendations

We can’t wait to get to Melbourne next week, not because we are touring our (totally amazing) cabaret to Victoria for the first time ever, but because of all the eating, drinking and Fringe-show-watching we’ll be able to do. So, we’re coming to you – people of Melbourne – for your recommendations!

Maeve and Phoebe drinking gin

Maeve and Phoebe drinking gin

Our fearless leader, Phoebe, is after great locations for gin & tonic and chicken schnitzel, and she tells me she likes shows that are “good,” so really honing in on a specific genre there…

Maeve (me!) likes restaurants with good vegetarian dishes on the menu, amazing cocktails with gin in them and attractive lesbian comedians (it’s a niche market).

A be-tutu-ed Anna eats gelato in Adelaide

A be-tutu-ed Anna eats gelato in Adelaide

Drummer, Lauren, is a fan of Asian/Australian fusion, oysters and cocktails, and she wants to see puppetry, stand up and funk music!

Anna was really specific in her request. She likes Italian, Mexican, Spanish, Lebanese, Vietnamese and Japanese. Also ice cream.

Our dapper soundy, Liam, like single malt whiskey, dumplings and good stand up.

Libby’s first response was MacDonald’s and Jean Claude Van Damme films. Then she remembered she is performing at the Fringe with Serious Artists so she said Mexican food, cider and musicals.

Here is a picture of Libby eating wedges with chopsticks:

Libby Wood

So, good people of Melbourne, hit us up with your bar, food and Fringe recommendations.

Oh, and once you’ve done that, book tickets to our season at the Fringe Hub, Sept 28 – Oct 5. See what I did there?


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