Long time, no blog

We’ve taken a little break from the blogging. Not for any particular reason, just being busy, going overseas, not feeling particularly wordy (for a change). But we’re back and we’re gigging all over the place!

We made the quite sad and hard decision at the end of last year to cancel two interstate tours – to Adelaide and Perth. It wasn’t that we didn’t want to go to these fabulous cities. We just can’t afford it anymore. We do pretty well at Fringe festivals. We get great reviews, the odd full house, ticket sales that make it sound like we’re rather successful. But when you divide those ‘profits’ up among tech hires, flights, accommodation, insurance, marketing… at best, we break even. At worst, Phoebe and I lose more and more money. If we weren’t selling tickets and making audiences happy, I’d say it was all our fault, for not making a good enough show. But I think the issue is that the Fringe model doesn’t work for a group like ours. I don’t want to dig into the Fringe as an institution or a concept, because there is loads about Fringe that is just marvellous. We love that it’s open access, we love the energy created at Fringe festivals, the chance to meet and perform with other artists, and to see such diverse work. We just wish it wasn’t always the artists themselves footing the bill.

We’ve pursued Fringe touring for a few years and it’s led to amazing experiences. Those of us that were in Edinburgh will attest that it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and it made us better artists (it also helped a great deal with patience, living in those close quarters!). Thank you to everyone, in Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne and Edinburgh, who has been so supportive of our touring efforts.

Newsagency Lady Sings it BetterThe upside to all this is that Sydney are going to see a lot more of us! We plan to do more creative and varied shows, play new venues, and try out more new material. We kicked off the year with two lovely nights at The Newsagency, playing unplugged for 40 overheated smiling faces. We loved it and will definitely be coming back to the Newsagency later in the year for some more acoustic times.

Next up, we’re performing February 13 & 14 at The Factory Floor, with our full band and a new boyband medley that makes us deliriously happy. We’ll be joined by the terrifyingly funny Kelfi & Fikel. You can book tickets here.

We’ve got some exciting guest spots at other shows in March in the pipeline and more to come later in the year. Remember to follow us on facebook and twitter (and instagram – @lady_sings_it_better) for gig updates, ridiculous rehearsal photos and random musings.

We’re also keen to film some of our songs for YouTube, so if you own a camera and have some free time, please get in touch!


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