Looking for cabaret love on Valentine’s Day?

We can’t wait for you to see what we’ve been working on. It’s an all new show (with a few old favourites for good measure). We’re so on the button we’re singing Bruno Mars mere days after his Superbowl appearance (see, we know about sports as well as cabaret). We’ve got a new Usher tune, a surprising (and characteristically creepy) new mash up, a Bowie duet, some queer themed tunes for Mardi Gras and an 8 minute boy band medley complete with nostalgic choreography. It might be the most fun we’ve ever had singing anything.

As an aside, a bunch of feminists and babes who follow other feminists and babes on twitter are coming on Feb 14 for an anti-valentines meet up. We’ll be drinking at The Green Room Lounge after the show, so it’s a good night for single babes to come along!

Feb 13 & 14 at The Factory Floor in Marrickville. Be there.

RSVP on Facebook & invite everyone

We’ve also got comedy duo, Kelfi & Fikel supporting from 7.30pm. One half of the duo, Fiona Pearson, used to sing with us a couple of years ago. We like to mention this because they are successful so we want to bask in the glory. They’ve been to Edinburgh, they’ve won prizes, reviewers said they were funny and they can sing good.


we want to know your thoughts. leave a reply.

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