Auditions: WANT TO BE A LADY?

We are seeking expressions of interest for auditions to join the Lady family. In the hope of performing more in 2015, we are growing our family of singers to 5 or 6 (depending on how amazing the potentials are). Auditions will be in August, but at this stage we ask that interested singers send us:

  • A CV of your performance and creative work, along with a short statement about why you want to join the gang
  • A video of you singing (you can sing any song, but we’d encourage you to sing a song written by a man in your own style to demonstrate your ability to reinterpret popular songs – also, make sure it’s a song that shows off your range and skills. Also – don’t forget we are a comedy act!)
  • A headshot

Important information about performing with Lady Sings it Better: We are an ensemble, so we are particularly looking for singers who want to work on their vocal style and performance in a group context, who have a dedication to their craft, can take direction and are creatively collaborative. We all do everything – plan & execute costumes, write script, plan photoshoots, choose songs etc. We do loads of our own arrangements, but we also commission arrangements so an ability to read music really helps. We rehearse regularly (weekly or fortnightly) throughout the year, in Sydney city or the inner west. Unfortunately, rehearsals are unpaid. We always make tea, though, and sometimes have snacks. We perform as often as we can and will be scheduling shows throughout 2015. Performances are all paid, but with a large group our rates are low so if you are auditioning in the hopes of making piles of cash…well…don’t. We are hoping to do some interstate touring in 2015 but nothing is confirmed at this stage. If touring interstate for 1-2 weeks would be impossible for you, please don’t send in an expression of interest as we are looking for people with some flexibility in terms of their availability.

Any questions, email

DEADLINE: July 25 (the sooner the better)

If you haven’t seen us before, come along to see us perform at the Hayes Theatre, August 3 or 10.


we want to know your thoughts. leave a reply.

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