Sign Fair Agenda’s Petition for Women in Comedy

Last week, Daily Life published an article I wrote calling on comedy bookers, festival programmers and audiences to work harder at not being sexist douchebags. I targeted Just for Laughs Festival in Sydney, but I should point out that they were just the straw that broke the camel’s* back. I am so sick of see poster after poster plastered with male faces, enews, reviews and variety nights full of men.

Maeve Marsden article on smh home pageAnyway, we seemed to strike a chord. Not only did the article make it to the top of the Sydney Morning Herald homepage (woo!), Fair Agenda started this petition calling on festivals to do better when it comes to gender equality. They’re aiming for 1,000 signatories and, as I write, they’ve hit 899.

Please sign Fair Agenda’s Petition here.

* As an aside, one time someone posted an abusive, homophobic comment on one of our YouTube videos. The highlight was him telling us we sing “like pregnant camels.” Best.

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