A (rare) update

We haven’t posted since our fifth birthday last year but it’s not for lack of activity. Maeve has been posting her writing over at maevemarsden.com and we’ve been keeping everyone abreast of our creative pursuits via Lady Sings it Better’s facebook, twitter, instagram and enewsletter.

We’ve been up to all sorts of cabaret mischief. We welcomed our new singers, Fiona Pearson and Annaliese Szota to the troupe in February with a fun, sold out show at Slide Lounge and a Courtyard Sessions gig where we made everyone get up and dance! Anna and Chandra are taking time off for other projects.

We then headed to Adelaide for a season of magic and mishaps. Magic because we had a great time and our audiences were lovely. Mishaps because everything else went wrong. Fiona left her costume in a cab on opening night, never to be seen again; Maeve left the cable for the keyboard in Sydney; our foldback had a habit of ceasing to work halfway through the show; oh, and we broke down halfway across the Hay plains and had to hitchhike to the next town for petrol!

We also had our Melbourne International Comedy Festival debut, performing for one glorious week at The Butterfly Club. It went really well, with some great reviews and a ridiculously fun performance at Ali McGregor’s Late-Nite Variety-Nite Night.

We’re also working on a number of projects we’re really excited about: Mother’s Ruin, a cabaret about the history of gin, which is a collaboration with Jeremy Brennan and Elly Clough; Barbara, a musical adaptation of Conan the Barbarian written by Van Badham, with composers Richard Wise and Iain Isdale; and a Sydney edition of Pushy Women, Catherine Deveny’s amazing comedy / cycling extravaganza.

Oh, and Lady Sings it Better has Sydney Comedy Festival shows next week and is then touring to Canberra and Hobart.


Sorry for the delay in posting, but if you like to receive our news, social media is the best way to stay in touch.

xxx Maeve and Phoebe