Beauty and the Bastard: A Spoonful of Disney

Beauty and the Bastard: A Spoonful of DisneyWe approached winners of a 2011 Sydney Fringe Award for Excellence, Beauty and the Bastard, in October 2011 with a view to producing a tour for the act. The act have just completed series of performances at Carry On at Gluttony at 2012 Adelaide Fringe

Two great voices of Australian Music, Maxine Kauter and James Edgar Francis, unite to sing classic Disney songs. Some have suggested this is just a blatant attempt to corner the Tween Demographic, but other, less cynical commentators, have deemed it an endearing celebration of the youth of the Western World, and the dreams that they have collectively dreamt and lost.

Maxine Kauter and James Edgar FrancisDress up, sing-a-long and hear inspired interpretations of some of the most popular Disney songs, including “A Whole New World”, “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” and “Beauty & the Beast”. A show that promises to be filled with humour, joy and the beauty of an unexpected key change, delivered by two artists who know how to break a few hearts with a melody.


The performers:

James Edgar Francis is a performer who is at ease delivering sentimental ballads, self-deprecating monologues and heckling his audience when they don’t appreciate him. A professional malcontent and career underdog, he has paved a place for himself in the Sydney Music Scene. With the ingenuous abandon of Bob Dylan, the soulful sincerity of Sam Cooke and the misguided ambition of Wolfmother, his is a voice that demands to be heard and understood, and rewards those listeners who do.Maxine Kauter and James Edgar Francis

Over the course of 2010 and 2011 James has been recording with Producer Melvin Tree, and will release an album in late 2011 that will showcase the often funny and touching songs that he has written. Some composed in the solitary confinement of a Kings Cross Apartment on the night of the Sydney Swans fateful win against the West Coast Eagles in the 2005 AFL Grand Final, and others written while cavorting across the American continent, hiking the Hipster Trail from San Francisco to Brooklyn in search of what Paul Simon once famously sang about: a Bridge Over Troubled Water.

Maxine Kauter is a musician not afraid to wear her influences on her sleeve. Growing up in Sydney’s southern suburbs during the grunge explosion of the 90’s the independent spirit of that music deeply affected her and has provided her music and career with its unwavering self-determination. She is known for her wallowy ballads and her tremulous voice, capable of delivering a confident thwack and a tentative whimper as much for her scathing wit and cynical optimism.

In 2011 she released her first full length album, “Alibech the Hermit”, a follow up to her self-titled EP of 2008. “Alibech the Hermit” is based on a story from Bocaccio’s Decameron and reveals Kauter’s love of songs that serve as tales. Her egocentrically named band, the Maxine Kauter Band (Stephen Beverley on drums, Shannon Haritos on double bass), has received favourable reviews from local Sydney press including FBI and the Brag, who named “Alibech…” album of the week. They are currently working on a follow up album.

Maxine and James are joined by Shannon Haritos on double bass and Nicola Ossher on percussion.


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Parties, Tassie & Money raised for charity

unnamedWe’ve had a wonderful few weeks and we’re pretty thrilled about the weeks to come. We write a lot asking for support, but we were thrilled to be able to support LGBTQI charity, The Aurora Group, by performing at their Annual Ball at Sydney Town Hall and offering private performances as auction prizes. Two attendees were sufficiently wooed by our Disney/Sondheim medley (the theme was Once Upon a Time) that they purchased the private gigs, raising more than $5000 for Aurora, an organisation that supports LGBTQI community groups including Twenty10 and the Gay & Lesbian Counselling Service. The whole evening raised more than $70,000!

Libby, Hayden and MaeveFor photos of the Aurora Ball make sure you check out the Star Observer and SX albums. Luckily they didn’t capture Maeve’s drunk Snow White arguing with a bouncer at an unnamed Newtown Hotel, but they DID get some snaps of Hayden’s army of handsome fans who trailed him throughout the night.

We realise we’ve launched our Patreon crowdfunding site and promised all sorts of new projects but haven’t told you what they are so a few are outlined below. We are up to $609 per month but we need to hit $1000 per month in order to finish our EP. If enough people pledge $1 (or more if you can), we’ll get there and send some of our favourite tunes to your earholes! Other projects include:

Mother’s Ruin
Maeve & Libby are working hard with Musical Director, Jeremy Brennan to write a history about the cabaret of gin. That doesn’t sound right…but you get the picture! It’ll be a departure from Lady Sings it Better, equal parts historical and hysterical, complete with a gin tasting experience with The Ginstress, Elly Clough.
Costs we need to cover: We need to pay a dramaturg and director, we need to get costumes made and photos taken.
What you get if you donate: Downloads of some of our songs, discount tickets to shows once they’re announced, warm glow of giving! Donate here.
Pushy Women
We’re bringing Catherine Deveny’s wonderful Melbourne comedy+women+cycling event to Sydney! One afternoon only for the Sydney Fringe, you can catch Tracey Spicer, Wendy Harmer, Dee Madigan, Mariam Veiszadeh, Nakkiah Lui and Zoe Norton-Lodge telling tales of their life on two wheels.
Costs we need to cover: Regular event costs like marketing, tech equipment and artist fees.
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Supported by The Squeaky Wheel in Melbourne!
Late Night Library
We’re curating a season of Late Night Library in Kings Cross for the City of Sydney. We’re got 6 amazing shows including Queerstories (a killer line up of local LGBTQI leaders), Library Love Songs with Maxine Kauter, Archer: In Conversation, a Mother’s Ruin work-in-progress showing and more. Feat. Matthew Mitcham, Zoe Coombs Marr, Georgia Rose Cranko, Annaliese Constable, Jeeves Verma, Penny Greenhalgh, Jekyll X James, Dorothy McRae-McMahon, Liz Duck-Chong, the list goes on…
Costs we need the cover: City of Sydney have actually contracted us to do this! Amazing! But Patreon support helps with our company’s ongoing costs.
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unnamed (3)We got the old gang back together to sing a few tunes for Maeve’s mum, Teresa’s 60th birthday party, themed Mods vs. Rockers! The night was a crazy queer celebration with far too many amusing tales to fit here, so read Maeve’s Happy Birthday blog!

Lord knows if any of you are still reading! This Saturday we’re road tripping to Canberra to play a sold out show at Bungendore Woodworks Gallery, then next week we’re off to freezing, wonderful TASMANIA for our Festival of Voices debut. We can’t wait! Follow us on Instagram and Twitter for silly photos and tales from the road.

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