Pushy Women

Like girls? Like bikes? Like listening to talking? Well you’ll love Pushy Women. In 2016 we are once again working with Catherine Deveny, writer, comedian, atheist postergirl and commuter cyclist evangelist, to bring Melbourne comedy event, Pushy Women, to Sydney.

Join us on April 24th for an afternoon of town bikes, lady riders, pedal pushers, lycra ladettes, fixie hipsters, BMX bandits, dykes on bykes, step through ladies and women who don’t ride AT ALL. Featuring Becky Lucas, Miranda Tapsell, Annaliese Constable, Lady Sings it Better and more to be announced.

Register for the Pushy Women excursion here. 3pm – 4.30pm

Practicing what we preach, the afternoon is preceded by a FREE women’s cycling excursion through Sydney’s streets and cycleways.

Book tickets to Pushy Women at Sydney Comedy Festival here. 5pm – 6.30pm

Pushy Women in Sydney is presented by blackcat productions, with the support of Melbourne’s The Squeaky Wheel, a not for profit producing and advocacy organisation celebrating bicycles as vehicles for change.