Save the Red Rattler

Lady Sings it Better at the Red Rattler

The first Lady Sings it Better gig EVER!

In August 2009, we gave birth to Lady Sings it Better in a little not-for-profit arts space in Marrickville. Since then, we’ve performed at other gigs there, we’ve held fundraiser events there, we ran a wonderful sold out panel discussion for 55Upitty there this Mardi Gras, and we’ve danced the night away at countless other events.

The Red Rattler is, quite simply, one of the best spaces for artists to work in Sydney. They are accommodating, open, flexible and without a doubt, the most cost effective. More than that, in a sea of venues decked out like RSLs, the Rattler looks GOOD. They have designed a beautiful, accessible space that does half the work of putting on a great gig for you.

SONY DSCSo, why am I ranting about the Red Rattler and how awesome it is? Because they need our help in order to keep doing what they do. They need to raise at least $40K in order to buy a share in the building it lives in and become a sustainable community-owned space and they are running a crowdfuning campaign on pozible to do so.

They are a quarter of the way there. Knowing how amazingly generous Lady Sings it Better supporters are, we think we can push that to halfway! Check out the pozible campaign and video and please donate to save the Red Rattler!


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